What to get the New Mom this Mother's Day -- or ANY Day!

Need a Gift for the New Mom? Here are some gems that will make her feel appreciated and pampered – and you looking like a star.

She’s given birth in the last few months and while her joy is immeasurable, there’s no doubt that life has been turned on its head. Her time is spent feeding and cleaning and laundering and tickling and snuggling while not sleeping, and she’s finding out that motherhood is even more demanding than she was prepared for.

That’s where you come in, all wonderful and calm and loving and rested, to honor her commitment with thoughtful words of encouragement and, yes, even gifts. That’s right – you get to be the hero! And your luck has just doubled, because I’ve pulled some of the best items and ideas new moms have been enjoying this year.

For moms who are breastfeeding and love (need?) their coffee, the concern is the acidity that ends up in breast milk. This can be resolved by cold brewing the ground coffee. It requires some planning (as in, overnight) but your baby-loving momma will be thrilled to have coffee ready for her in the fridge in the early morning hours. She can dilute it to the strength she prefers, heat it, drink it cold, even add milk and make iced coffee. No matter how she prepares it, mom will feel a little more human since she can have her drug . . . uhm, I mean, coffee again. I like the Cold Brew Gift Set offered by UncommonGoods. This simple and eco-friendly set is handmade by Corina and Robert Guillory out of Austin, TX. (I love being able to share local Austin ingenuity). $36.00+shipping 

Cook a delicious, nutritious mealand clean up after you both have enjoyed eating together. OR consider giving the new mom in your life gift cards to her favorite restaurants. It means one less meal she has to think about and could even help get you both out. Together. Face to face. Sans toys underfoot and stinky diapers in the bins. Ok, so maybe baby comes along, but when they’re brand new they sleep a lot, so carry them in their car seats and plop them in a safe corner near you and look lovingly into your partner’s eyes for the first time in who-knows-how-long. Remind her how grateful you are that she is the mother of your child(ren). No woman tires of hearing that. Promise. $Priceless

And to show just how “into” the overall adorableness of baby you are, give mom one of these handmade Mom and Baby Initial NecklacesMom is so proud of her little angel and wearing a keepsake from you close to her heart is just the ticket to feeling extra appreciated. This necklace is made with a strong rolo chain that has been baby finger tangling tested without breaking. It comes in solid 14k yellow gold for the mom who only wants solid gold and also two less expensive versions in 14k yellow- or rose-gold-filled. Gold filled is NOT gold plated and does not chip or wear off, which is a good thing since she won’t want to take this off. Read more about it on Be A MaGiK LaMP Jewelry’s website. $34.00 - $395.00 depending on metal choice and # of stamped discs

Let’s face it: babies get bigger, and moms bear a lot of the extra weight as they grow. Carrying a growing baby around all day may make her arms fierce but her back a little sore. Hands down the baby carriers, wraps and ring slings most loved by mothers I know are from LÍLLÉBABY. These are ergonomically designed by a team consisting of moms and dads, a chiropractor, a rock climber, pediatricians, fashion consultants, safety experts and more – all with the Scandinavian design sensibility we have come to appreciate. Their goal was to create a baby carrier that was “complete in comfort, functionality, safety, and style”. In fact, LÍLLÉBABY’s Complete line goes from birth to toddler without any extra inserts. Be sure to explore their website, as it is a pleasure to read about their approach to quality. And I have no doubt your baby momma will love the fact that you did your research and will settle for nothing but the best. Isn’t that what she deserves? $49.99 - $150.00 

Finally, let’s not forget the simple ways a mom can feel pampered: wine and bath bombs! Bath bombs can be found at most body shops and you may even find them in your local grocery store. If you prefer to order online I love the natural bath bombs from Lizush.com$35.00 gets you 11 of the most decadent and rejeuvenating bath bombs out there and they come in a lovely gift box. 

And I am not going to encourage breastfeeding moms to drink alcohol (she needs to do her own research and make her own decision) but for those who appreciate a glass of wine, consider buying these mommy milestone wine labels to show some humor while marking the big moments in the life of a mother who loves her wine. There are many options out there on the internet, but I like this set of labels from LabelWithLove on Etsy. You can customize the weatherproof and removable labels with your baby momma’s name and they come with instructions on how to remove the wine bottle’s original label. Apply these adorable and fun custom labels with ease. Starts at $15.99

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